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Competition Winner

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 18th Aug 2016

During July we run a competition on our Facebook page. The lucky winner is Regina Balazs and the prize was £100 to spend in our online store Regina very kindly shared some p … read more

Do parrots understand what they say?

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 12th Aug 2016

I sometimes take Artha and Casper my African Greys who are well harness- trained on shopping trips in town. Why wouldn’t captive birds, who in the wild would travel kilometres each day, enjoy a change … read more

Superb Parrot fast-track habitat renewal

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 28th Jul 2016

Saving the Superb Parrot The Superb Parrot is under threat of losing much of it’s natural habitat because of climate change and the Authorities in New South Wales are stepping up the efforts in … read more

The smartest parrot is an African Grey called Griffin

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 22nd Jul 2016

The Smartest Parrot – Griffin Griffin is the smartest parrot and works together on various research project with Dr. Irene Pepperberg. In this latest study Griffin was able to pick up a triangle … read more

Kaka – Can you teach an old parrot new tricks?

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 2nd Jun 2016

Kaka parrot had their IQ tested for the first time by Julia Loepelt, a student at Victoria University of Wellington. Most of us have heard the parrot and crows are the brains of the bird world and New … read more