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Parrots are exceptional creatures that can add incredible humour and joy to your home.  Some of the most intelligent pets you can have, these beautiful birds will quickly become a wonderful part of your family as they learn to mimic you and make you laugh out loud. There are about four hundred different species of parrots and each breed varies in it’s size and ability to mimic humans. Some very intelligent parrots require extensive attention and maintenance so It is important to research each breed you are interested in to find out what type of parrot will best suit your lifestyle. Depending on the personality and size of your pet you may need a variety of parrot aviaries.  We offer everything from travel cages to parrot breeding cages so that you can decide the best options for your pets.

Our open top parrot cages are ideal for your birds to be out where they can interact with you or with each other while still saving you from cleaning up a mess.  If your bird likes to be out of the cage all day then check out our play top parrot cages which have plenty of space for their toys. Solid top parrot cages are great options when you have to be gone during the day or for their sleeping area. These are simple to cover with a sheet so that your bird can enjoy calm down in the darkness. Travel cages are an essential for any home with a parrot so that you can transport your pet to the veterinarian’s office or the the pet hotel while you’re out of town. Our parrot cages will ensure that your bird always feels safe and at home, shop now!

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