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Green Winged Macaw Profile & Care

Common name: Green-winged MacawLatin name: Ara chloropera Length: 95 cms/37 inches Weight: 1100 - 1300 grams Life Span: up to 60

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Congo African Grey Profile & Care

Common name: Congo African Grey Latin name: Psittacus erithacus erithacusLength: 27 - 33cm/13 inchesWeight: 400 - 600 grams

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Green Cheeked Conure

Common name: Green-Cheeked Conure Latin name: Pyrrhura molinae Length: 26cms/10 inches Weight: 60-80 grams Life Span: up to 30 ...

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Parrot Essentials ( supplies only top quality parrot products that both you and your parrot will love.

As parrot owners ourselves, plus running a parrot boarding hotel, our reputation has been built up on providing a fast trustworthy, personal service to hundreds of happy customers. As mentioned in the above paragraph, we do have our own flock of parrots who were constantly looking for enrichment and stimulation and as we were not always able to find exactly what our birds really wanted, we decided back in 2010 to enter into the parrot toys and food business ourselves.

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