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To help you choose the right product for your parrot please select the type of your parrot (or the closest match) and we will list all the products in our store suitable for your bird.

On each product page we offer more detailed information of parrot and bird types the product is suitable for.

If you still have a question please call us on 0800 327 7511 and speak to an expert.


African Grey Parrot

African Grey

This species is the most popular large parrot kept in captivity. The products in the category are also suitable for Timnehs African Grey.

Amazon Parrot


Products in this category are suitable for most Amazon parrots, such as Yellow-Crowned, Blue Fronted, Orange Winged, etc.



Find everything you need to care for your Budgerigars, toys, food, cages, accessories and treats suitable for Budgie.

Caique Parrot


View our product range suitable for Caique and similar size parrots such as Alexandrine, Pionus, etc.

Canary and Finch

Canary and Finch

The items in this category are suitable for Canary, Finch and other softbill birds.



Find food specially formulated for Cockatiel, as well as toys, cages and accessories suitable for similar size birds.



These products are suitable for all Cockatoos such as Umbrella, Galah, Sulphur-Crested etc. Larger Cockatoos can be given toys suitable for Macaw as well

Conure Large

Conure - Large

Check out our suggested products for larger Conure, such as Blue-Crowned and Patagonian.

Conure Small

Conure - Small

View our wide range of products suitable for smaller Conure, such as Maroon-Bellied, Nanday and Green-Cheeked.



Find quality food, treats, toys, cages and accessories suitable for Eclectus parrots.



This category consists of products suitable for Lovebirds and other smaller birds such as Parrotlets.

Macaw Large

Macaw - Large

View our range of food, treats, cages, stands and durable toys for Larger Macaws, such as Scarlet, Green-Winged and Blue & Gold.

Macaw Small

Macaw - Small

The products in this category are suitable for Smaller Macaw, such as Hahns, Severe and Red-Bellied.


Meyers and Senegals

Parrot products suitable for Meyers, Senegals and other Poicephalus parrots, such as Brown-Headed and Jardines.



Check out the products we have in-store for Quaker and similar size birds, such as Rosella and Indian Ringneck.



Check out the products we have in-store suitable for Parrotlets.